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I was inspired to make candles, having watched a television programme on this unique craft and being curious to give it a go. I set about buying wax, wicks, fragrance and vintage cups to create my own candles, with some trepidation but plenty of excitement. 

What a journey it has been since those first days and weeks. I discovered that soy wax produced a better candle, burning cleanly and environmentally friendly and spent all my spare time sourcing the best wax and fragrances to produce beautifully burning scented candles.

Whilst at first I made candles to enhance my own home and garden, I started giving them away to friends and family who loved the design and quality and encouraged me to sell them at local events and craft fairs.

I have never looked back. My business has gone from strength to strength and I now produce a variety of unique candles, in different sizes and styles, including in vintage cups, tins and glass ware, each decorated with my hand designed labels. View my website and take your pick from my lovingly produced collection.


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