Delivery Rates Discounted

Delivery Rates Discounted

To all customers,

We hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times.

We would like to announce that all of our UK Hermes delivery rates are being discounted! Please see the new pricing below.

 Service Weight Original Price New Price
Hermes 0-1Kg £3.45 £2.76
Hermes 1-2Kg £4.65 £3.72
Hermes 2-5Kg £6.59 £5.28
Hermes 5-10Kg £7.59 £6.08
Hermes 10-15Kg £9.58 £7.65


The 2-10Kg delivery rate has also been split into two categories (2-5Kg & 5-10Kg) which means it is now less costly to send packages <5Kg!

All the best,

The Super Duper Candle Company Team

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