Goodbye for now!

Goodbye for now!

The Super Duper Candle Company will be closing at 11 PM on Thursday 6th January 2022... but we’ll be back! Subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to know when we return. 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Elliot and I am the CEO of the Super Duper Candle Company. I'll be heading back to Uni in January to continue my undergraduate study, and so the business will be on hold whilst I'm away this term. Sadly I can't fit all of our stock in my Uni room!!

If you've been with us a while, you'll be familiar with our story. However, if you're new to the CandleClub and are curious, we invite you to read our About Us page and the article when we last closed.

Reflecting on another amazing period of Christmas trade, we'd like to thank you all for your fantastic support for our small business! We've continued to consistently receive 5-star feedback, which has been absolutely unimaginable and is a testament to the hard work and efforts of all those involved in getting your candles to your doorstep. Reading your reviews, with all the compliments on our candles, service, packaging, order experience and more has been wonderful.

As a parting gift, all items are on sale from now until our closure on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

You're welcome to leave any comments below this article. Or if you wish to leave a Trustpilot review, please click here.

We'd like to wish you all the very best, and rest assured that our email subscribers will be the first to know when we return!

Elliot & the team
CEO & Co-Founder
Super Duper Candle Company


  • Erica

    Hi, I work at a Home Goods store in the US & we got a few Purity Lab reed diffusers in about this time last year. I’ve tried all different kinds/brands, but tbh I could never smell a single one unless I put my face right up to it.. until I tried one from PL called “Star of Night”, a pomegranate raspberry scent. For the 1st time I could actually smell the diffuser throughout the entire room! Plus, the scent is absolutely intoxicating! What’s more, I opened it at least 6 months or so ago & its still not empty! Not only does it work very well & smell amazing, it lasts an unbelievably long time, (6 months & counting!), without the scent diminishing at all! Idk what u charge for P.L.‘s reed diffusers, but in retrospect, I’m shocked the price was so low! For the level of quality & quantity (300ml!!) of these diffusers, I’d expect the price to be much higher.. (that’s not a complaint or a suggestion lol)
    I’ve been searching for the “Star of Night” diffusers for so long, but this is the only site I’ve found that even mentions Purity Lab products. So please lmk if/when u open for business again. (Although it looks like things might’ve been put on hold longer than u anticipated. U actually wrote that u’d be back later in the year, but that was in early 2022!?)

  • Kirsten Elmes

    Please let me know if you stock Purity Lab Reed Diffuser’Calm’ ( Fig & Chamomile) it’s gorgeous!!

  • Catherine Eels

    Please let me know when you get back the Purity lab Winter Stroll Cedar Spice. I love it!!!! Thanks

  • PattyRay

    I found one of your candles at Marshalls Goods store. The fragrance name of the candle is ROCKY TERRAIN. Mercy sakes, it is one of the best candles I have ever found and I am 77. It was not over powering and did not make my husband allergies act up. I put it in his bathroom and he really liked it. To my amaze it used up all the wax as it burnt down the wick. I want more. Let me know when you are back in business, PLEASE!!

  • Kim

    Hello, I bought your witches hut candle in a winners in Quebec City.
    I see that your company is now closed, but I wanted to say that I really love the concept with the quartz, but the smell of the candle is making my nose hitch, and I feel like the smell is really not reprensentative of the flavor.

    Thank you, and have fun at University :)

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